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"What a boring sight indeed" he thought as he stroked through the different kinds of fabric on the market, frown deepening as he saw just how the woman looked at him.

He was on one of his planets, his appereance starkly different from those around him. His ‘race’ was also named ‘centaurs’ by some, since their upper half was human-like and the rest was a horse body, that was either bulky, for the male part, or fragile, on the female part. There were different staturs as well, but not as much as it used to be

The warriors flanking him were both bulky, muscular ones, their hooves scratching the floor nervously as their ruler walked down the streets, seemingly displeased.

"This market thrived on its products and now it seems it has rotten to a boring heap of a mess" he said, loudly enough for all of them to hear. He was in a foul mood.

"How it has bloomed in the earlier days, every little fibre of life was centered here, on this very market, the planet was rich and this town its capital…" he glared at some of the townsfolk that stared at him in disbelief
"Now look at you! Thin, almost skeletons, ghosts of those that walked these streets in the past…you stink like the garbage that you sell, rotten, molded…" he walked to one of them, that had the chain of the mayor around his neck.

"What has happened here? What has brought these people in such desperation that they even ate their own kind?" he mused, his eyes lowered to slits, his dark ears tilted towards him, signaling that he was listening

"…t-there was a sickness…darkness…overcoming our town, my Lord" he croaked, his hands trying to shield himself from the Zodiac Lord and his guards that looked dangerously impatient, but not as much as their ruler

"The water…the water has been poisoned with a sickness of unknown source…O-our…kind is suffering. Please…help us in our need" he said, his thin legs giving in and he winced as he fell to the floor, on his knees so to say.

The Lord only glared at him, then huffed.
"I will investigate…until then this town is under tight watch by my hunter team. Noone will leave it, noone will go away…I will see what lies behind this…catastrophy" he said, turning around and leave.

He had a distaste for those fools, those fools that had laughed, despised and doubted him. Now they were crawling infront of him, begging and pleading for help.
It was his kind, but also not. It was the kind that treated humans like slaves and filth and him, a hybrid of both, much worse.
He was their Lord, they shouldn’t think that he was merciless.
But they shouldn’t also underestimate him.

thefancyzodiac sent: "Hannah" A voice called out for her, a lon lost forgotten friend that searched for his darling friend, that he felt as if it was his daugther.


"… Stallion?"

"Did you say something kid?"

"Huh? Oh… no just… could have sworn I heard someone…"

"Such a disappointment. There I was thinking you would have remembered a friend…or at least not thought that I was a hallucination, darling one…" he murmured, still in the shadows, but his amber golden eyes glowing gently, like a golden spark in the dark.

"has it been that long?"

thefancyzodiac sent: "Lord Nero I-" he stopped ill and stared in horror at the thing infront of him. "What in all stars are you?" he asked, backing away, his eyes wide and his mouth pulled up in a grimace.



"Ýo̸ų  l̨oǫk̶  f̵or͝  t̡he  Q̷ưasa҉r͏.  B̨út̴  y҉ơu  h̀old̶  a̸  c͝o̷n͞s͜t҉e͞l̀la̴t͏i̸on͘.͠”

"Const̴el͢l͠at̡i̧ons͘  a͢r̕e   p̶͞͞r͢e͠͞y̵.͞”

"H̀ͥ͗̊o̐̕r̾͊͞s̛̔e.̾  F͟͜҉r̢om̸͢  t͟͝h̀ȩ̢̛  a̛͘r̢̕e̷a̢͜͏  o҉̷f̨  t͟͝h̀ȩ̢̛  R̨̋̄͢e͋ͥͧͣ͒͏d̎ͬ͑͢͠  ģ̺͍̠̹͖̹̫e̮͍̟̣̞ne̜̣̥̝̘r̛a̟̘̺l̸̘͓̗.̣͎  C̰̟̦̻͘͞o̴̱͈̩͝w̪̠̩͉̬̗͜ͅa̧̺͢r̬̥̘̲̺͚͇͟ḓ̵̢́  o҉̷f̨  a̴͢͠  b̢͢i͏̴r̵d̵̨̛.̵͡”

Marginally better than two of the other so-called guardian constellations. Unable to even struggle properly.

And this just a descendant of a vassal. Weak. Insignifigant.

Carrying the mark of that Quasar.

"W͛̉҉h̸̔͛̋a͌tͣ̀͘  a̸re҉  y̸̼̮̲̗̘o̡͇̣͇̯̠̰u͉̤̟̖̗͍̕ͅ  t͘͟͞o̵͘  h̛̯̼̯̫̘i̦ͅm̵͖͖̼?”


"A̵̴̢͜͢  pe͑̿͌̎̐̀t̔̐͆́̇?̓͊͟"

He fowned and glared at him
"I’m one of the remaining forces in the Eastern Zodiac. There is mostly noone anymore here that is active and I have taken upon me, that I protect this part of the universe…"

The golden blades sparkled, the jewels like stars in the dark blades.
"You’re one of the first borns…you are the first born.” he said dryly, growling. “It’s impressive and terrifying to see you here…so close”

His hooves scratched the floor and his gaze was pure cold ice.
"I’m not a pet. Not him, not to anyone. I’m the Guardian of this part of the Universe! I have gained the power to do just this….”

He slammed the blades into the earth and hissed.
"Do you want to insult me now further? Or ask one of your questions? I am a civilized man…" he said, but not putting off his guard.


"Of course. Such a brave protector you are."

The tone was full of barely veiled mocking, though still coloured with amusement.

"I always know more than I say, lordling. It’s one of the basics of interaction. Openness is met with abuse, honesty with word-mincing, and trust with treachery."


"Oh, and I wouldn’t scratch that too much if I were you. It won’t do anything but you’ll just cause yourself pointless injury."

He frowned and huffed, turning around to fully get dressed, wrapping himself up in one of the larger coats he had in his personal rooms.
"Of course I am. I did help her out in many situations…One of the reasons why I got this … mark" he composed himself as much as he could, but it was complicated, since he felt the sting of his words in his heart.

He not always protected the Heir as much as he wanted too…she was often in situation he wished he could help her…

"I d-don’t…" he murmured, then sighed, getting a silken scarf and wrap it around his neck, draping it artistically around him and sigh as he sat down onto a cushion, preparing tea for himself.

"I take you still don’t like tea, Lord Nero?" he asked and glanced up to him. "Why are you here anyway? Just to mock me with your riddled answers, non chalant comments and oh so loved defiance to help?"

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thefancyzodiac sent: "Lord Nero I-" he stopped ill and stared in horror at the thing infront of him. "What in all stars are you?" he asked, backing away, his eyes wide and his mouth pulled up in a grimace.


"Ýo̸ų  l̨oǫk̶  f̵or͝  t̡he  Q̷ưasa҉r͏.  B̨út̴  y҉ơu  h̀old̶  a̸  c͝o̷n͞s͜t҉e͞l̀la̴t͏i̸on͘.͠”

"Const̴el͢l͠at̡i̧ons͘  a͢r̕e   p̶͞͞r͢e͠͞y̵.͞”

His eyes were wide and he knew that this was bad. He had searched for Lord Nero, wanting him to tell him something about their deal, but now he was face to face with a gigantic black hole, something so terrifying he felt his knees slightly giving in.

"I am…Lord Stallion, Zodiac Lord of the Eastern Constellation Horse…and I-I’m not afraif of you" he was. He dearly was afraid of him.
"Where is Lord Nero? What have you d-done to him?" he asked and gently removed the golden chopsticks that always reside in his hair, opening them up to fan out at his back

"I’m not your prey." he said and the chopsticks turned into two lances, that gently glowed.
"Tell me where Lord Nero is, Black Hole"


Such entertaining reactions as ever despite it almost seeming that the lordling had grown better at controlling them. A pity, though trying to fool the senses of a black hole was a futile task.

"So have I."


One, lazy smile could carry so many implications, especially to one as paranoid as Nero knew this little lordling to be.

"I hear she’ll be gone from the nest for months."

His ear twitched, showing off the irratation, even though his face seemed seemingly blank at this.

"It doesn’t mean she will be gone forever. I will see to keep an eye on her. She is still under my protection…" he said and gently backed away from his captor, as if the mark was itching, he scratched over it lightly. There were already red streks across it from his previous scratching.

Sometimes it didn’t feel as strange as it does, but other times, it feels like a stinger was still there, pumping poison under his skin, making it irratated.
"Do you know more? You seem like you’re knowing more than you’re giving me, Lord Nero"

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"I slept so long…what has happened since I was gone?"

"A bit of this, a bit of that."

A voice, disembodied at first, but detectable in direction to the shadows. A glint of white teeth and a glance of sharp, green eyes.

"The position of the little caretaker you constellations call the tsar seems to be steadily weakening."

he twitched when hearing the Black Hole somewhere nearby, his lips curling up to bare teeth, but he relaxed his instincts and turned around, seeing the Lord hiding yet in the shadows. He gulped down the nervousness and gave him a cold slight glare

"I have heard that Hannah Smalley wants to travel…but I do not take this as a weakness, nor anything…what do you know that I don’t, Lord Nero. Does this affect her stand for a heir? Does the…" he spat the world almost. "…Tsar taking this ill?"



☫=== “All heirs should take adventures. My son, you know.. Minor? He took his first trip out of our planet after three hundred years. He was just a babe and I asked the Dragon’s court to have him travel in the wild.” Ursa shrugged. “It was a good experience. It showed our court he was ready to even be announced heir. We, my people and elders.. we believe in strength.”

"This is a test more for the Tsar’s heir. The little one will experience everything the universe holds and.. in return, she will gain proper roles. See the lives of the poor, the rich and the abnormal." Ursa followed, eyes trained ahead of her and posture straight. Her coat and furs were removed by servants, and she took a seat on a cushion presented to her. The Eastern Zodiac they were an odd bunch.. but Ursa held no ill will against them.

"The Western Zodiac? We are hard headed and isolated bunch of Lords and Ladies. The few who DO walk around to meet and greet, are far the most bold. Do you not recall Aries? Pisces? Libra? Do not take it personally, Lord Horse." Ursa reached around to grab some black and was pleased to find a small container of honey. A bear’s weakness in food.

"I can say your Zodiac is.. different. I have met the "Sheep" of your world and others in the past. Different doesn’t always mean dislike, only.. confusion and curiosity."

"We are all royals, chosen by our peers, people and family.. should anyone show you disrespect, then they are but an embarrassment to their Constellation."

"It will be a test indeed. I only worry for those times she will be alone in dangerous places…but she will be trained through these situation and while I do not want to interfere with her travels, I will still keep an eye on her, so that if she needs me, I’ll always be just ahead of her to assist…." he gently reached over and chose a black tea with the label ‘honey bee’ on it. He opend the bag and poured in the tea leaves, beginning the ceremony slowly, while talking
"I’m happy that she is this brave to take this journey. Though I doubt that her ‘father’ will allow her too much freedom. He is the Tsar…he worries about many things and his heir is one of the first things along with his…" he grimaced lightly. "…husband and lover. Anyway…they will keep an eye on her as well, another reason why I won’t interfere as much"

He sighed and smiled lightly to the Lady.
"I believe if she is really the heir to the Tsar, she will manage just fine. She has in the past…" he lightly rubbed the back of his neck, right where the mark of the Black Hole was. "…she will do an excellent job."

With that he reached to the back again, a tiny stellar horse had hopped in with another plate. There were honey treats on it, be it pure honey in jars or cookies and treats made of those.
"Take as much as you want, my chefs are preparing more if you need them and I do believe you haven’t tasted honey from my Constellation. Our honey has a bit of a sweetness earthly honey doesn’T have…but if you don’t like it, I’ll fetch you some of the other one I got from Hannah Smalley’s grandmother. Such a nice woman…very helpful and very kind" he sighed and leaned back pouring the tea in two cups and offering her one.

"Do you want something in your tea? Lemon? Milk? Sugar? Honey?"

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☫=== She didn’t care if the man was naked, half naked or in full clothing. She was a bear, remember? Nudity meant nothing to her and if she wished, could walk around in the nude if she wished.

But that wasn’t Lady like. Ursa waved a hand at Stallion, bowing at him in greeting before speaking.


"Tea will be fine, Lord. You’ve lost weight though. You were not so skinny in the last years I saw you. Why have I come.. ? Well, I had thought you should know.. the Tsar is letting his little heir out and about soon. I was given word of the cosmic winds, of course. My constellation is always snooping where it shouldn’t, really."

He huffed and arched a brow. This woman was really not what some would expect a lady, but Stallion enjoyed her company. She was blunt, but she was honest and that was the most he liked about her. Honesty. He didn’T get that much from some people, mostly they lie and scheme…

"Ah…blunt as ever, milady…" he said and brushed over his robes, turning around and leading her to one of the other rooms, while listening to her, signaled by his ears that twitched. Only when she mentioned Hannah…he hesitated on the door

"Ah…the little Tsarina wants to go out…that’s good. She has to learn some things about the universe…and she is old enough" he said softly, opening the door and leading her in. The room was round and in the middle was a table with the teapot and his tea collection box. The rest was stuffed with cushions and cloth, an hooka in the back, if needed

"It is nice of you to tell me this, Lady Ursa. It’s not often that I get visitors from other systems, even more not from you…The Western Zodiac doesn’T much care about mine…what tea do you like? Just choose out of the box, I’m sure there will be one right for you" he said with a smile, while picking up a plate from behind him, full of cookies, tiny snacks and other finger foods.

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"I slept so long…what has happened since I was gone?"


☫=== “It’s been a long time, Lord Horse.”

"It has been a very long time…" he said and righted his robe, blushing when realizing that his robe was a bit up because of his tail, quickly pulling it down with a smile of embarrassment.

"It has been too long, milady Ursa! It’s a pleasure to see you again. How can I help you? A cup of tea, perhaps?"